Your event, our staff

Events We organize and manage events for your enterprise, your products or your services, offering side by side a service of staff supplying, which can count on more than 10,000 collaborators throughout Italy: hostesses, stewards, promoters, barmen/barmaids, security operators, make-up artists, jugglers, supervisors, entertainers, speakers, hair stylists, parking drivers… and more!

Why choose OSCard?
  • We have the right staff, in the right place: thanks to the wide range of highly skilled professional figures and to the high number of presences on the national territory, we are able to identify the most suitable human resources for your needs.
  • We are fast: thanks to our computerised systems, we can offer the resources you need in a very short time. We can provide a first selection within 24 and 48 hours!
  • We are cheap: we do not rely on external partners, which enables us to keep our prices limited, without undermining the quality of the personnel.
  • We are always available and alert: there are no closing times for our clients… we are always prepared, careful and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • We select carefully: we have detailed data sheets for all our resources, we know their actual abilities and strong points… In this way, we can offer highly skilled and competent staff related to its operational scope.

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