Promotional campaign

Your successfully promotional campaign

Promotional campaign We design and organize campaigns throughout Italy intended to promote successfully your enterprise, your product or your services.
We face the creation processes of the advertising campaigns in an accurate and professional way, involving our creativity and intuition, originating from years and years of experience, which enable us to design effective and incisive solutions, without leaving anything to chance.

We organize and manage both outdoor and in-store promotional campaigns. We design and follow every step for the launching of new products and for inaugurations. We provide our own experience also in the preparation of promotional campaigns in malls and shopping centres.

Your advantages:
  • No risk: the wide range of resources at our disposal enables us to find the person with the best features for your promotions every time and all over Italy.
  • You save up: we do not rely on external partners, so no third party commissions weight on our prices.
  • You can relax: our years-long experience enable us to circumvent the risks and anticipate your needs, in order to be always a step ahead.
  • You easily reach your goals: we define the objectives with you and we use all of our experience to lead you to the final result, training personally the selected resources.
  • You deal with only one representative: you have your dedicated account which supports you in every step of your promotional campaign, 7 days a week.
  • Quantification of results: we provide detailed feedbacks on the developing of the promotion, leaving you the chance to evaluate carefully the results that have been obtained and to enable to plan your next campaigns with success.
Below, some of the procedures which lead us to the realization of successful promotional campaigns:
  • Identification of the objective: we define the main objective on which your campaign should concentrate (promotion, selling, fidelity program, etc…).
  • Identification of the target: we identify the potential customers, their habits, the locations in which they spend their time, and the emotional stimuli to focalize on in order to obtain the best results from the promotion.
  • Definition of means and tools: once we have identified the target, we individuate the most appropriate channels to promote you, in order to reach your customers in the most efficient way.
  • Budgeting: we support you in the definition and planning of the advertising budget, in order to give you the best balance within expenses and profit.
  • Test campaigns: we organize small different campaigns to understand which one would give the best results.
  • Promoters research:we identify the most suitable personnel for your campaign, using our database (which counts more than 7,000 qualified resources), to guarantee contacts of higher quality.
  • Briefing and training: we create an efficient selling program, training the selected personnel, so that you can obtain the best results.
  • Report at the end of the work:we provide a detailed report on the developing of your promotional campaign, in order to understand its effectiveness.

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